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I Think. Therefore I Am

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Welcome to where you can browse around for some funny, smart, and hip t-shirt designs. Find shirts that express messages relating to humor, peace, vegetarians, animal rights, veganism, political satire, original artworks, famous quotes, cute animal images, nature, and other topics of interest.

The body as a billboard. The t-shirt can be a powerful tool for activism. The simple act of putting on a t-shirt with a message that expresses how you feel each day is like using your body as a billboard and inviting discussion.

Shipping Info: The t-shirts we sell here are made and sold through our partner site, Cafepress. Cafepress will ship to major international destinations.

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All proceeds from affiliate commissions go directly toward supporting vegetarian advocacy and toward the improvement of our partner site, "HappyCow's Vegetarian to Restaurants & Health Food Stores," on the web at:

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